Ando Coober Pedy Tours

A Nice Day Out!

Accredited business, accredited drivers, accredited vehicles.

ANDO Tours is owned and operated by the Underground Bed and Breakfast in Coober Pedy. We have a luxury 4WD vehicle that seats a maximum of 6 people and way we can give you a highly personalised tour experience that will leave you amazed. We have decades of experience living and mining in Coober Pedy that we are proud to share with you. We do a half day tour of opal mines and the Breakaways, Moon Plain and the Dog Fence. (Drinks Supplied) Similarly we do a two hour version for those with less time up their sleeve. You can also experience the Special Six Hour Painted Desert Tour. This includes an Australiana Lunch with drinks supplied. Customised private tours can be easily arranged and accommodation/tour packages are also able to be arranged.

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